Meet and Plan



This is a quick overview of the process we at Fresh Organic Garden believe will get the best results when thinking of a new vegetable or herb garden.

01. MEET

Initial consultation between you and one of our professional staff. We want to hear what vegetable you want to grow and how you imagine your vegetable garden.

02. PLAN

Find the right location with the proper conditions to grow plants, according to your vegetables and herbs pick. Create a design according to the chosen location,plants, and surface.


Prepare area for installation of bed frame setup, soil, trellis, and irrigation system specific to the surface condition and plants of your choice.

04. GROW

You can choose your favorites and start planting and grow your own vegetables and herbs, with our guidance you are only one step away from your first salad!


Post set up observation ensure to you are satisfy and a follow up meeting a week after planting to make sure the vegetables are in good condition.

Our Offers:

4'x8' Garden Bed

A 4'x8' raised bed garden is a great choice to grow fresh seasonal vegetables. This common size enables you to grow a variety of plants while keeping it easy to maintain.

4'x4' Garden Bed

A 4'x4' raised bed garden is ideal for growing herbs. You can enjoy a variety of your favorite herbs in one easy to reach location.

Custom Built

We can design any garden you want - wood frame, concrete, horizonal or vertical. Take a look at our Pinterest board to get some inspiration

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