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The Fresh Organic Garden company is an environment-friendly, family run business, who works with nature to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. With more than a decade of planting, growing and harvesting fresh organic produce experience, we are here to lead you every step of the way so you can grow your own vegetable and herb garden. From planting your first seed, to maintaining your garden up to your first Fresh Organic Garden salad, we are here for you.


Over the years as the world population grew, the demand of fresh produce grew as well. Farming systems started to use large volume of chemicals and various storage methods to make sure there is an abundance of vegetable to satisfy the market's’ growing demand. This practice hurt the freshness of the vegetable and diminished substantially of the vegetable’s nutrients. Today we can witness the “un-fresh” and” un-ripe” vegetables in stores that were in storage for a significant time, or discover that our daily consumed vegetables are filled with somewhat unhealthy products.


Having your own garden means enjoying fresh produce every season, picking only what you need and by doing so, you are contributing to the reduction of food waste, picking of ripe vegetables too soon. Instead, you and your family will only eat tasty vegetable that are rich with nutrients. When you have control over your garden and make it free from chemicals, you know where your food comes from with no `worries.


Join us in our quest for fresh and healthy produce. Our friendly team is ready to advise, plan, and work with you on your existing Fresh Organic Garden or set up your own new vegetable garden, get you started and help you grow your favorite vegetables and herbs.


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